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We offer experienced technicians on standby trusted to provide locksmithing services in Bakersfield, CA and most of Kern County.

With quick response time and 24-hour emergency service, Bakersfield residents and businesses have come to know us as the premier service offering installation, lockout services and security solutions all at affordable rates.
Our technicians are industry-standard trained, with the assurance of being bonded and insured.

Whether you locked the keys in the car, or need 1 key to work on multiple doors at the office, we’ve got you covered.

The main services we provide include:

– Residential Lock and Handle set Installation & Rekey services

– Commercial / Office

– Lockouts (Home & Automotive)

– High Security Solutions (Including Deadbolts/Latches)

– Mailbox Locks/Keys

– Car Key Programming (Remotes, Chips, & FOBS)

– Safes (Opening/Changing combination)

– Repair and Maintenance

– Key Duplication

Some Key Points: What is Locksmithing?

Today, a common Joe doesn’t attribute much to locksmithing more than copying house keys. Not a big deal right?

Wrong. In reality, the modern locksmith is one who is an expert in the security field. When we consider how much importance there is in keeping our families, businesses, and possessions safe, it makes us regard this trade in a new light. The technicians we send are adept at advising the best way to protect your property and safety.

Locksmithing consists mainly of manipulating all door hardware (door closers, handles, panic bars, etc.) just as much as the locks themselves. These door accessories contain complex systems of small pieces and mechanisms, and are fitted onto the doors with careful measurements and installation procedures.
The main and obvious way to protect your home/business is to have a
high security lock installed. Going for low quality options can be fatal as burglars have a keen eye for spotting cheap materials and brands on the outside of properties, and have no problem breaking through them to pursue their objective; your possessions.

But what, you may ask, is the difference between a highly secure lock and a $10 lock?

Low quality locks only serve one purpose. That is for someone to say, “Oh. This door is locked.” Nothing more. A person with intent of getting past one of these locks probably knows there isn’t much to it; besides the possibility of kicking and breaking the low quality material and possibilities of wrenching/drilling/tearing it off, it is also incredibly easy to pick and open for those who know how. There is no real preventative measures or safety precautions with these types of home security choices.

This is where the high security solutions come in.
Different security companies have products that provide their own unique security features, but most of them share these traits that put them in their own category of extreme protection:

– Tempered Steel: Locks made of this material make them virtually impossible to drill through without 45 minutes of strained labor and 50+ drill bits. This kind of reinforced steel also makes it totally impossible to break, cut (grinders included) or tear off because of the strength of the material.
– Non Copy-able Keys: security companies will sell their products to locksmiths by region (i.e. Kern County region) and will provide unique keys to each locksmith in the same region. That way, the only way for someone to copy your key is to know where you got it from. Further precautions include needing the correct identification to be able to cut the keys.
– Non Pickable: Complex inner systems ensure lock picks won’t be able to fit through.
The calls received aren’t solely for doors however, as a great part of our industry also comes from automobile lockouts and key/remote production. Many vehicles after 1995 have specialized computer systems that only start the car’s ignition once the computer makes contact with a chip inside the key – car dealers charge an arm and a leg for these special keys, while we offer the same service for a fraction of the price.

In this new day and age, access control can be provided in many shapes and forms providing more options than just the traditional key.
Electronic locks and mechanisms are now available which offer different alternatives such as touch screen input (codes or finger prints) and radio frequency signaling (chips that can be put in rings or bracelets for example) – some electronic locks can even be opened by a telephone application provided with it! It’s easy to see why it’s a good choice to put these kinds of devices on your front door as they eliminate a lot of hassle (lost keys, we’ve all been there) and simplify your life.

Relating to electronic security, many locksmiths offer surveillance and alarm system installation for homes or businesses. Between having a high security lock and 24h surveillance armed with alarms, 1 call can have you fully equipped and thief-proof.

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